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Dear Release Free, I am very athletic. I do yoga every day, play squash and I am a swimming instructor. I cannot thank you enough for helping me get rid of my Ganglion knee cyst which was behind my right knee.

I was diagnosed with a Ganglion knee cyst about a year ago, and to tell you the truth, having a lump sticking out of the back of my knee or an ugly scar is not something I can afford in my line of work. I am also a single man. I really didn’t know what to do. A friend told me to do a search on Google and I found a couple of companies who claimed to have found a various cures with patches and clay, but I felt that your product, which dissolves the cyst from the inside, made a lot of sense for something that is really embedded deep inside the knee. As I said, this was around a year ago and since taking your product it has not come back. Thank you.”

Mr. Charlie Carawana

“I am very excited to tell you that the cyst that I had on my neck is gone.

When the doctor told me it was a ganglion cyst I was very frightened. I am a single mom living on a tight budget and I can’t afford to take time off work. The cyst was too thick to be aspirated and I read up a lot on surgery.

I was told that there was a 40% chance of it coming back. I found your website and it made a lot of sense to me – how the only way to remove the cyst without it coming back is from the inside – how the surgery can only take out the cyst but not the roots, which are much deeper inside – and how there can be complications. When I read that the founder of Release Free had had a ganglion cyst himself and had recovered from it without having to have surgery and without an ugly scar, and that it had not returned in over 25 years, I was very interested.  This was the main reason why I ordered the pills right away –  no other company had made that claim. So I ordered 2 bottles of the extra strength capsules. I felt a warm sensation throughout my body, including my neck. This was about 2 months ago and it has completely gone. Thank you for helping me!

Sorry about the long e-mail but I think people should know about this. Thanks again.”

Lisa Whistler

“Release Free, I am delighted to let you know that my ganglion cyst, which was on the outer area of my wrist, has gone.

My husband is very stressed out at work, so I massaged him every night for about 1/2 hour. After 2 months, I felt shooting pains in my wrist, and then I noticed my cyst.

My doctor told me that it was a ganglion cyst and recommended surgery. I was so worried that I might have to live with it for the rest of my life. I found your product and decided it was worth a try. I was so impressed your customer service – friendly and very knowledgeable. When I took the capsules I did experience a warm sensation for about 30 minutes but that was it! I am finally rid of my ganglion cyst and I don’t need surgery. Thanks so much Release Free for offering a natural treatment that is safe and works!”

Christina Mandel

“I was a combat medic in the army for over 5 years and I have seen it all.

Thanks Release Free For your Product G-Relief

I first noticed my ganglion cyst on my left wrist 7 years ago. I  knew that the ganglion cyst has a history of coming back no matter what you do.

I was a Medic in the army for over 5 years and I have seen it all. I was very skeptical at first because of all the false claims that is happening on the internet today. I felt G-Relief start to work right away and 1/2 way through the 2nd bottle the ganglion wrist shrunk by half. After 2 months, the cyst was completely gone.

I have included with this e-mail  before and after images of my ganglion wrist cyst in hope that, it helps others to see how great this product is.  I was so stressed out but it only took 2 months to work. Thanks again.”

Michel Ronner Testimonial

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